4.2.4. Summary of specialisation indicators

The Basque Country continues to have one of the highest proportions of employment in high- and medium-high-tech manufacturing in Europe. In the area of knowledge-intensive services, its position is not as favourable, although it is trending upward. Exports are concentrated especially in four branches of activity, in which the degree of concentration has declined. Additionally, the concentration is less serious because these are sectors in which the Basque Country has highly positive indices of comparative advantage.

The Basque Country primarily exports medium-tech products and those with medium demand growth, intermediate goods and consumer durables, from economies of scale-intensive branches. In contrast, it has hardly any high-tech exports or high demand growth exports, or from the science and technologyintensive branches. In addition, the Basque Country’s percentage of consumer goods exports is very low, making the Basque economy more sensitive to the economic cycle.

Scientific specialisation seems to be aligned with the production system and the priority sectors identified in the RIS3, especially advanced manufacturing and energy. This is not the case of biosciences/health (or even the food opportunity niche), in which these activities have a less developed reality.