Collaborators: Fundação Getulio Vargas, Center for Transatlantic Relations School of Advanced International Studies Johns Hopkins University, U. Pretoria, U. Nova de Lisboa, CIDE, U. Roskilde, Orkestra, CIDOB, U. Autónoma de Madrid, OCP Policy Center

The Project JeanMonnet WEB

Orkestra through its Energy Chair takes part on the Jean Monnet Network on Atlantic Studies, an initiative across the four Atlantic continents by 10 leading centers. Several of the Jean Monnet professors are based in countries identified by the EU as key "strategic partners", to collaborate in interdisciplinary exploration of three emerging pan-Atlantic themes of particular relevance to the EU: energy; trade activities; and pan-Atlantic challenges to human security.

The Network’s balanced North-South, East-West composition ensures greater synergies and exchange of experience among established and rising powers. Dedicated sessions have been held and will be held for next-generation educators and young students. Working papers and peer-reviewed publications are fully accessible open source materials through the project webpage.

The Network’s multi-continent, multi-disciplinary approach promises substantial value beyond the state-of-the-art by generating modern understandings of the Atlantic Basin as a political, economic, energy and security space in contemporary international relations, incorporating North and South Atlantic perspectives equally on these dynamics; generating greater knowledge and awareness of the EU’s role as an Atlantic actor.

Although the Atlantic Basin is recasting the world’s energy future via innovations in unconventional, offshore/marine energy and renewable energy, these dynamics and their implications for the EU and other actors are not well known or understood. For this reason, the Chair of Energy has participated in the block on energy, focusing on passenger transport (due to its high energy consumption) and on trade, offering an analysis of Atlantic Basin Liquefied Natural Gas.

More information about the project: JEAN MONNET NETWORK ON ATLANTIC STUDIES