Annual report

Orkestra fosters the competitiveness of the Basque Country through action-oriented research to improve the well-being of citizenship.

We are specialists in regional competitiveness.

We develop applied knowledge for decision-makers.

With an international “seat at the table” we are a hub of the Basque Country worldwide.


A unique model

Scientific rigour

Orkestra's scientific rigour is reflected in the research work of our team of 38 professionals. We apply scientific knowledge and methods, build conceptual frameworks and contribute to the academic community with our work, while always focusing on improving territorial competitiveness”.

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A unique model

Transformative knowledge

Our institute is characterised by its transformative research. We are the driving force behind change and the improvement of territorial competitiveness through knowledge transfer”.

One of our main tools for understanding the current situation and facilitating decision-making is the Basque Country Competitiveness Report.

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A unique model


We help solve problems. We are a research institute that helps in decision-making at a time of great uncertainty such as that caused by the pandemic. We are the hub of the Basque Country’s competitiveness worldwide”.

research projects in collaboration with 98 institutions

In collaboration with:

Bilbao City Council   /   Basque Trade   /   European Commission   /   Provincial Council of Alava   /   Provincial Council of Biscay   /   Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa   /   Basque Energy Agency   /   Eurorégion Aquitaine Euskadi Navarre   /   Bankia Foundation   /   La Caixa Foundation   /   BBK Foundation   /   Iberdrola   /   Ihobe   /   Innobasque   /   Basque Finance Institute   /   Repsol - Petronor   /   SPRI - Basque Business Development Agency   /   University of Deusto

Public Policy & Institutions
Digital Economy

We influence strategic and political decisions and the development of new programmes. In the context of COVID-19, we provide awareness of the challenges to be addressed in the new reality and the competitive tools available to our territory, through our 5 transformative research laboratories.



Wellbeing. We look at challenges related to employment, inclusive and sustainable competitiveness, sustainable development goals, shared value, from the perspective of companies and foundations, and the social progress index.

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Enterprise. We work on the various challenges faced by firms to ensure their competitiveness from the point of view of: industry 4.0, skills, vocational training, shared value, business financing, servitisation or the potential of international market niche leaders for territorial competitiveness.

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Public Policy & Institutions. We study and evaluate competitiveness policies such as the smart specialisation strategy (RIS3), clusters, innovation, governance, cross-border collaboration or urban competitiveness.

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Digital economy from the point of view of digital transformation and its impact on the Basque Country’s competitiveness. We have implemented an observatory on digitisation to identify the challenges to be addressed and enable the implementation of strategies in the business sphere and in public policies.

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Energy. We work at the forefront of issues related to energy and environmental challenges and their impact on the Basque Country's competitiveness. We study the implications of energy transition, the development of sustainable mobility and the transformation of the economy into one with zero net emissions in its international dimension, and analysing its effects on the Basque Country.

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A unique model

Observatories providing intelligence to the regions

In the context of the pandemic, the dynamism to resist and adapt is specially important. At Orkestra, we have taken on the challenge of being a useful tool to help public and private actors make decisions to face the crisis with the best possible information. In March, we launched the COVID-19 Regional Competitiveness Observatory, a series of analyses and reflections by our expert staff on the socio-economic impacts of the crisis”.

We have 5 observatories that allow us to study in depth and monitor the Basque Country’s competitive situation in different areas

In March, we launched the COVID-19 Regional Competitiveness Observatory, a series of analyses and reflections by our expert staff on the socio-economic impacts of the crisis.

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The socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 in the Basque autonomous community

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Sectoral analysis of the potential impact and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis

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Digitisation, in response to COVID-19

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European regions in the face of COVID-19: a comparative look at policy measures

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A unique model

Open to the world

We are an international benchmark as a research institute at the service of the region and we collaborate with a wide network of expert actors worldwide. This enriches our knowledge so that it can be applied in the field of action where we work with key regional actors. We disseminate our learning and position the Basque Country as a reference in competitiveness and well-being”.

international projects with entities such as the European Commission
invitations from international organisations to present the Basque case
outreach actions to international actors interested in learning about the Basque competitiveness model and Orkestra
partnerships with international universities and research institutes