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 Javier Retegi and Bart Kamp    
 Advances in Engineering Networks, Springer Link, pp. 319-317 (Conference Paper)

English // Keywords:  Ecoinnovation, Profitability, industry     


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When a (corporate) decision-maker considers implementing an ecoinnovation process, it is deemed useful to evaluate the full range of impacts that this kind of activities can bring about (beyond the mere benefits in environmental terms). The purpose of this paper is to map and analyze a range of effects that ecoinnovation activities on behalf of private companies generates. To that end, around 40 (mainly industrial) companies from the Basque Country have been surveyed. The results show that ecoinnovation effects stretch beyond mere environmental impacts, and likewise influence micro-economic parameters such as profitability, internal innovation capacity, and the abilities of firms to position themselves in the market place.

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