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Development of the digital economy improves territories' competitiveness conditions. For this reason, digitalisation of the Basque industrial fabric is one of the key factors in Smart Specialisation Strategies (ris3).

The Orkestra research team is committed to identifying the challenges posed by good development of digital transformation in the Basque Country.

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Making use of the transforming research approach, Orkestra also works with other key players to boost the necessary policies and mechanisms.

The aim is to use research to make the Basque Country a benchmark in this field. Orkestra believes that the digital revolution has a direct impact on business and the productive fabric, in addition to being a social transformation accelerator.

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Transforming research projects on the digital economy

  • labs economia digital motorizando digitalizacion

    Monitoring digitalisation of the economy and society in the Basque Country (DESI indicator)

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  • labs economia digital ecosistema emprendimiento digital

    The digital entrepreneurship ecosystem

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  • labs economia digital transformacion digital empresas

    The digital transformation of firms

  • labs economia digital incorporacion empresas mercados digitales

    The incorporation of firms in digital markes

  • labs economia digital factor clave

    Digitalisation as a key factor for ris3

Featured publications

JUNE 2019

Madurez digital de la PYME Vasca

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DESI 2018 | Digital Economy and Society in the Basque Country

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