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Energy is one of the key areas of Smart Specialisation Strategy (ris3)

Transformation of the energy system is a key element in the fight against climate change. This involves technology, regulatory, industrial and behaviour changes for the key economic agents. Efforts are placed on promoting efficient consumption and use of more sustainable and competitive energy sources, both in industry and home use.

The Energy Lab studies this phenomenon. Its research is characterised by constructive criticism and contribution to energy debates.

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The aim is to offer tools and arguments to decision-makers, both at the public administration and private levels. Other objectives are efficiency and competitiveness in the energy industry and the Basque economy in general.

The Orkestra research team centres its efforts on analysis of:

  1. Positioning the Basque industrial and energy system, in view of the energy transition, towards an environmentally sustainable economy with low (or no) greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Alternative energies for transport (electricity, natural gas and others) and how they affect transformation of the transport industry where the main focus is sustainable mobility.

The Basque energy sector and its related value chains play a key role in the Basque economy.

We research to generate knowledge on energy challenges and their implications for the Basque Country and in the global scope.

We study energy transition processes to move towards a low-carbon economy as the entire planet’s economies are transforming their energy systems. This is an inevitable process and will have far-reaching economic and social impact.

The development of sustainable mobility systems and use of alternative energies and fuels rather than conventional ones will bring about deep changes in a cross-cutting industry and affect the economy and society as a whole.

Research activity and projects

  • labs energia procesos transicion energetica

    Energy transition processes in other territories and other countries

  • labs energia esquemas fiscalidad medioambiental

    Outlines of environmental taxation within energy transition processes

  • labs energia desarrollo redes inteligentes

    Development of smart electrical grids and change in the role of electricity distributors

  • labs energia situacion mercado mayorista gas natural

    Current situation regarding the natural gas wholesale market in Spain

  • labs energia precios costes energeticos

    Energy prices and costs in countries within our milieu

  • labs energia comercio gnl

    LNG trade in the Atlantic Basin (in the Jean Monet Network on Atlantic Studies)

We intend to identify the key factors and tendencies related to each issue in all of the studies and learn lessons that may ultimately have implications for the Basque economy and industry’s competitiveness.

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