210034 competitividad empresa espanola 
  Patricia Canto-Farchala, James Wilson, Eskarne Arregui Pabollet
  Publicacions Office of the European Union 


This technical report presents the results of a cross-case analysis of the eleven case studies conducted under the Higher Education for Smart Specialisation project during the period 2016-2020. The analysis identifies key themes and innovative practice examples from across case studies, developing a structured typology of innovative practices for higher education engagement in innovation ecosystems in the context of the design and implementation of Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3). More concretely, it contributes to identify:
(i) The contribution of innovative practices to their regional innovation ecosystems and the design and implementation of S3.
(ii) The key features of these practices that have made possible the transformative role of higher education in their regional innovation system, with particular attention to how they integrate education, research and innovation.