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  Juan Pablo Gamboa Navarro, Mónica Moso Díez, Mikel Albizu Echevarria, Luis Blanco Pascual (Universidad de La Rioja), Ainhoa Lafuente Alonso, Antonio Mondaca Soto, Asier Murciego Alonso, Mikel Navarro Arancegui, Etorne Ugalde Zabala
  CaixaBank Dualiza and Orkestra


The Vocational Education and Training in Spain Report 2021 is an initiative of Caixabank Dualiza in collaboration with the Basque Institute of Competitiveness-Orkestra, with the aim of analysing the current state and evolution in recent years of a broad and comprehensive set of indicators of Vocational Training in Spain and its autonomous communities and cities, from a holistic perspective.