research multiactor collaboraton policymaking basque country
 Ainhoa Arrona Etxaniz

English //TDIVC-010
Key Words: territorial development, policymaking, multi-actor collaboration 




The aim of this publication-based thesis is to advance knowledge in territorial development policymaking, specially looking at the role of multi-actor collaboration and the role of research in these processes.

The thesis draws on policy sciences and governance studies to complement insights provided by regional development and innovation studies, in order to provide a better understanding of: the nature of the policy process, policy problems and the policy world; governance and multi-actor collaboration in policymaking for territorial development; and the functions that research can play in such processes.

The conceptual work is further developed through four co-authored articles that delve on to the research-policy dynamics and on the role of governments and public organisations in multi-actor collaborative processes, both conceptually (Article 1) and empirically, analysing two cases of collaboration-based governance for territorial development in the Basque Country: Gipuzkoa Sarean – Etorkizuna Eraikiz Territorial Development Lab and Bizkaia Orekan (Articles 2, 3 and 4).