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 Susana Franco, Ander Sánchez, James Wilson
Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Deusto Foundation

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This edition of the "Basque Country Digital Economy and Society Report. DESI 2023" has adapted the new methodology developed by the European Commission in the context of the Digital Decade to compare the performance of the Basque Country with that of the Member States of the European Union in a dashboard structured in 4 dimensions: (i) digital skills; (ii) digital infrastructures; (iii) digital transformation of enterprises; and (iv) digitalisation of public services. The results of the analysis show that the Basque Country has improved in all indicators, something that reflects the situation of continuous progress in which we find ourselves with respect to the digitalisation of our economy and society. However, improved indicators are a generalised trend in all territories and the positioning of the Basque Country relative to others, as well as the recent evolution in this positioning, presents a mixed and nuanced scenario in each of the dimensions.