18th September 2015

Foro build GMF Miren Estensoro bilbaonextlab

The Orkestra researcher Miren Estensoro took part as a panellist in the “What’s next? Zer da hurrengoa? session at the 2nd Urban Innovation BUILD forum, organised by the German Marshall Fund of the United States, which Bilbao is hosting for the second year running and which took place from 16th  to 18th  September at the CRAI library of the University of Deusto.

In the course of this session, which also brought the forum to a close, participants will reflect on the strategies and steps to be pursued in order to transform their ideas into actions to be developed in their own territory or city, using the three-day seminar as a basis.

Over 100 US and European leaders attended this forum which covers urban transformation processes from the standpoint of sustainability, inclusion, leadership and internationalisation. The forum is also the driving force behind a network of top-level transatlantic experts and leaders who will be pooling together good practices.

This summit thus enables collaborative networks and alliances to be reinforced between cities and offers an unbeatable chance to reflect on and propose shared responses to the challenges being faced by local policies. Miren Estensoro’s participation in this summit forms part of the BilbaoNextLab project, on which Orkestra works alongside the City Council of Bilbao and the University of Deusto.