08 november 2018

James Wilson Basque Cluster Day

“The current imbalance between supply and demand means that many people are overqualified for their jobs while businesses cannot find candidates with the right background for today’s constantly changing economic and technology environment", stated Javier Zarraonandia, Deputy Councillor of Industry, Basque Government.

This prompts universities and businesses to work more closely to address supply and demand. James Wilson recommends that this collaboration should be driven, among other areas, by clusters. Why? “because clusters are capable of better aligning university-business strategies" he added.

In his talk at Basque Cluster Day in Bilbao, Wilson highlighted clusters' capacity to act as "colleagues", above all from the business perspective of shaping talent to meet the sector's demands.

Some clusters are already putting this approach into practice. However, according to Wilson, this takes “a lot of time” and it is especially important that “the barriers between academia and clusters be reduced in order to generate dynamics that can help to guarantee and adapt with a view to creating the human talent that businesses need.

See his talk.