23 May 2018

Legebiltzarra digitalizazioa

According to Orkestra's report on the digital economy and society in the Basque Country, the smart specialisation strategy that is now being deployed is contributing to the digitalisation of strategic industries.

It is vital to be aware of the digital needs that concern not only the strategic industries included in RIS3 but also the rest so that the transition can take place in a similar manner and there are no laggards.

The report was presented yesterday to the Basque Parliament Committee on the Environment, Territorial Planning and Housing, by Mari Jose Aranguren, General Director of Orkestra, and Agustín Zubillaga, researcher and author of the work. It draws attention to a series of challenges and opportunities that digital transformation presents in this field.

  • Digital transformation of business organisations to improve competitiveness levels.
  • Study and prepare for changes that automation of certain processes will bring about concerning business models, products, customers, channels, corporative processes and workplaces.
  • Anticipate business needs and teach digital-era staff through in-house enablement programmes, providing training and fostering digitalisation programmes from early ages.
  • Promote policies to avoid potential digital laggards which might find themselves displaced due to their size, industry or technology level.
  • Move towards business models of which digital aspects form an intrinsic part.
  • Basque firms should enter the new digital markets.
  • Push digitalisation by promoting a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem that has highly competitive technology hubs of excellence.

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