Amaia Azpiazu PEQUEÑA

Research Facilitator

Amaia Azpiazu holds a Degree in Business Administration and Management, specializing in Strategy. She began her professional career in the world of finance, and later moved to the area of research at Orkestra. She has worked with participatory methodologies in action research, in order to study the cogeneration of knowledge, as a research facilitator. In this type of research, she interacts regularly with legislators and other national representatives, prepares tools for the knowledge transfer and encourages reflections, and analyses and synthesizes the results of thes processes.

In order to acquire the knowledge and abilities that her tasks as a research facilitator at Orkestra require, Amaia carried out a Master's Degree in “Participation and Communal Development” in 2011. She has participated in various projects at Orkestra, and has also organized conferences and seminars. At the moment, Amaia co-ordinates all kinds of training and educational processes and programmes that take place at, or are held by, Orkestra.