Noel Baja


Noel M. Muñiz is a researcher at Orkestra Institute. During his professional life, he has been part of diverse public and private institutions oriented to the creation and strategic development of small and medium enterprises and start-ups in Latin America, the United States, and more recently in Spain.

He has collaborated as well as associate professor and research contributor for different universities in the country and abroad, being member of research teams such as Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

His current research concerns in professional projects and academic works are management processes for business incubation, the generation of social capital and networks in organizations, the analysis of competitive capacities in business development facilities, and bullying in organizational settings.

He holds a PhD degree in Business Sciences, a Master Degree in Research Methods Applied to Economics and Business Sciences, a Master Degree in Small and Medium Business Management and Social Economy, a postgraduate degree in Public Policy, and a bachelor's degree in Business Science.