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Digital Economy Lab Coordinator

Agustín Zubillaga, Digital Economy Lab Coordinator at Orkestra, began his career in the Telecommunications and Software sector, after his Degree and MSc. in Computer Science in the University of Deusto. As a lecturer in software areas in several Universities (Universty of the Basque Country, University of Cantabria and University of Deusto).

His background includes a Degree in Political Science and Administration in the University of the Basque Country and a MA in Public Management by University Complutense in Madrid. He also has been working for regional and local development agency in the public sector.

Before joining Orkestra he has been working in DeustoTech, a technological research and innovation centre, where he has promoted and participated in several R+D projects in ICT related areas both in regional and national scope.

He is developing the Digital Economy Lab, a new area of interest for regional competitiveness. His main interests are ICT cluster policies, innovation ecosystems and social progress.