22 March 2024

Japan Research Institute

  • The meeting served as a starting point to explore ways of cooperation between the two research institutes.

On March 21st representatives from Japan Research Institute (JRI) visited Orkestra in a trip to the Basque Country coordinated by the Basque Government's External Action Department.

Kenji Hiramatsu, Chairman of JRI’s Institute of International Strategy and former Japanese ambassador to Spain, and Kanako Kobayashi, Research Assistant at JRI, met with James Wilson and Ibon Gil de San Vicente to learn first-hand about the research carried out by Orkestra. They were accompanied by Asier Areitio from the Basque Government.

Japan Research Institute analyzes macroeconomic trends and international affairs and publishes policy-oriented research in areas such as public finance, local government, environment, and growth strategies. According to Wilson, the meeting was “a great opportunity to explore synergies and cooperation possibilities between two research institutes that operate in very different contexts, but share some similar characteristics, goals and research interests”.