Ignacio Mª Echeberria
Chairman of Orkestra

Ignacio Mª Echeberria

"The building of our own future requires the work of all agents involved in the improvement of competitiveness. Orkestra works as a living laboratory regarding analysis and academic reflection, and, together with regional agents, for continuous application for study and the improvement of critical competitiveness factors. Joining forces in order to attain the region's social and economic wellbeing in a sustainable way".


Board of Directors, Sponsor Committee and Advisory Board

The Board of Directors is Orkestra's highest governing body. It is made up of representatives of its member bodies and professionals of recognised standing, and guides and determines the Institute's activities in order to make progress in the improvement and achievements in order to contribute to the Basque Country's development and competitiveness.

For the guidance of the Department of Energy's activities, the Board of Directors delegates part of its role to the Department's Sponsor Committee. This Committee is made up of representatives from the member bodies that have an interest in the field of energy.

Orkestra also has an Advisory Board, made up of international experts in regional competitiveness, which advises and supports the Institute's research.


Honorary Chairmen

Michael E. Porter
Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC), Harvard University

michael porter

"The focus of the Institute is to really understand the economy of this region, how it is progressing and what the challenges are, and how to make this economy more vibrate, more prosperous, and prosperous in the way that actually benefits all the citizens, not just a few people but actually benefits everyone."


José Luis Larrea

José Luis Larrea

"Orkestra is a research institute of the University that maintains permanent and profound contact with the region's economic and social reality. Its great value lies in its ability to contribute knowledge and transforming momentum to society through a permanent process of transforming research in action, necessary for any society".


Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ignacio Mª Echeberria
President of Indumetal Recycling, S.A.

Vice-Chairmen of the Board of Directors

Alberto García Erauzkin
(Euskaltel representative)
Chairman of Euskaltel

Emiliano López Atxurra
(Petronor representative)
Board Member of Petronor

Members of the Board of Directors

Jesús Alberdi
Member of the Governing Board of the University of Deusto

Ainhoa Aizpuru Murua
Provincial Councillor for Economic Promotion, Rural Enviroment & Regional Policy

Andrés Arizkorreta
Chairman of CAF

Guillermo Dorronsoro
Decano de Deusto Business School de la Universidad de Deusto

Mª Pilar García de Salazar Olano
Vice Deputy General of Alava and Provincial Councilor for Economic Development and Territorial Balance at Araba Provincial Council

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri
Second Vice-President of Deusto Business School
Chairman of Bankia

Estibaliz Hernaez Laviña
(Basque Government representative)
Vice-Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitivity

Jon Larrinaga Apraiz

Imanol Pradales
(Provincial Council of Bizkaia representative)
Provincial Councillor for Economic and Territorial Development

Guillermo Ulacia
CEO at Tubos Reunidos

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Víctor Urcelay
Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship and Continuous Training


Department of Energy's Sponsor Committee

Energy's Sponsor Committee President

Emiliano López Atxurra
(Petronor representative)
Board Member of Petronor

Energy's Sponsor Comittee Member

Julio Castro
(Iberdrola Representative)
Global Regulations Manager at Iberdrola

Daniel López
(The Boston Consulting Group representative)
Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group

Iñigo Ansola
(Basque Energy Agency Representative)
General Manager of the Basque Energy Agency



Advisory Board

Christian Ketels Ph.D. (Chairman)
Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC), Harvard University

Christian Ketels

"Orkestra is carrying out valuable work in order to help regions define and drive their strengths towards greater territorial competitiveness. Its role is fundamental in order to make progress in the research of excellence".


Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos
Deputy Director of Alboan

Patxi Álvarez de los Mozos

"Orkestra is motivated by the desire to form teams of people that create bridges between social agents –academic and productive, public and private– and accompany processes of generation of transformative knowledge, in order to develop  cohesive, inclusive and sustainable territories."


José Luis Curbelo Ph.D.
Institute of Public Goods and Policies. National Research Council of Spain

jose luis curbelo

"Por sus análisis, publicaciones, y, sobre todo, por su interacción con los actores de la competitividad –empresas, sector público, sociedad, universidades y centros tecnológicos, centros de formación, clústeres, etc.- se ha consolidado como un referente internacional de buen hacer en el proceso de apoyo a la transformación competitiva de los territorios."


 Karen Maguire
Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMES, Local Development and Tourism at the OECD

Karen Maguire

“Orkestra offers compelling and evidence-based analysis for better policy as well as new knowledge for researchers. It contributes to the local-global flow of valuable ideas for improving regional competitiveness.


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