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Bart Kamp
Bart Kamp
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Bart has obtained academic degrees in policy sciences from the Radboud University Nijmegen (NL) and in management and organization sciences from the Tilburg University (NL). He obtained a Ph.D. in policy and organization sciences at the Tilburg University.

Bart has acted as researcher and consultant on e.g. innovation policy, industrial competitiveness, (foreign) investment climate, transport and infrastructure policy and regional development issues to multilateral institutions like the European Commission, and to governmental organizations and multinationals from Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Romania and Lithuania.

Bart has been involved in myriad evaluation exercises to examine the effectiveness of policy support schemes and strategic business initiatives throughout Europe. Consequently, he has a vast experience in designing and conducting multi-criteria evaluations, cost-benefit analyses, impact assessments and network analyses in relation to strategic policy measures and business investment projects.

As Head of ORKESTRA’s Strategy Department he is in charge of coordinating and implementing the Department’s research agenda in interaction with ORKESTRA’s board of directors, external stakeholders and beneficiaries. In parallel, he supervises the methodological rigour of the research projects the department undertakes, and ensures the research undertaken is meaningful, user-responsive and in tune with state-of-the-art insights and tendencies from the key areas the department’s research focuses on, namely: innovation and internationalization strategies of private businesses, and management and structuring of firms. The aim of the Strategy Department is to become a leading opinion shaper and agenda-setter with regard to corporate competitiveness strategies in the Basque Country by engaging in research and instruction activities at both a Basque, Spanish, European and Global level.

In addition to his work for ORKESTRA, Bart is a lecturer in strategic management of start-ups at the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and has previously taught international entrepreneurship at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands). He is also a reviewer for the International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management and the International Journal of Vehicle Design (Inderscience). Furthermore, he is a member of the editorial board to Industrial Marketing Management (Elsevier Science), which is the fifth most influential marketing journal in the world.

Bart has extensively authored on market imperfections and state aid ruling in the field of transport, infrastructure and innovation policies, and on international business and inter-organizational networking, notably with regard to the automotive industry. He has published in refereed journals and has brought out several books on these topics.